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 The Woodland Caribou 


The Woodland Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus), a North American Deer of the same family as the Eurasian Reindeer (Cervidae), is the most widely distributed mammal in Canada, and Newfoundland is home of the worlds most Southerly herd. Although there are small numbers of WOODLAND CARIBOU in other locations, Newfoundland offers the only significant opportunity to take this trophy, with a herd numbering 90,000 and rapidly increasing. The WOODLAND CARIBOU, which are darker and stockier and have heavier antlers than Barren Ground (or Arctic) caribou, were once common from Maine to Montana, but are now found mainly in Canada, particularly in Newfoundland. Both the males and females have antlers, but the female's are smaller and less impressive. They usually live in small herds of cows and calves and a few bulls. Most of the older bulls stay in separate small bands, except during rut, and travel on the fringes of migrating herds. Breeding usually takes place from early October to mid November, and the calves are born in May and June. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs. and sporting an impressive mahogany colored antlered crown is beautiful to see and a challenge to hunt.


Efford's Hunting Adventures offers the best opportunity in the world today to hunt Trophy Woodland Caribou
Our location at Steele Lake, located by myself, provides for superior trophy hunting. With our fly-in remoteness Steele Lake provides our guests with excellent opportunity in taking taking Boone and Crockett, SCI and Pope and Young Trophies. Also, our site at Sam's Pond provides excellent opportunity for record book caribou. Also, our site at Sam's pond provides excellent opportunities for record book caribou. At Sam's Pond we hunt the Middle Ridge Herd of caribou that, according to biologists, are the biggest antlered herd in Newfoundland. As well, for late fall hunts early to late October, we offer trophy hunts at various tent camp locations depending on caribou movement. We do have our own aircraft and we know where the caribou are located! At our tent sites we will provide a tent and a boat and motor as well as generated electricity. We hunt the Middle Ridge Herd; the biggest herd of Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland (area 64) and the Grey River Herd; the second biggest herd of Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland (area 63) This will be a fly-out site for 2 -3 nights stays for record book caribou.


Note that our hunters were awarded the #1 and #3 awaards for Woodland Carinou at the Boone & Crockett 26th Awards in Fort Worth Texas in July of this year. Congratulations to Mr. James Holt of PA for #1 and Mr. Scott Trujillo of OH for #2. Our 7 trophy Woodland Caribou this past season harvested 6 all time muzzleloader by Roger Englesman that looks like we have bumped to #4 by Steve Bruggeman of NM this past season, thus it looks like we have the #2 or #3 and #4 muzzelloader. As well we have the #3 SCI archery in 2006.


#2 SCI

#2 SCI

#3 B and C


The awards winner for B&C was also the #2 for SCI Rifle and the largets woodland caribou harvested by a non-resident in 65 years with a score of 384 5/8 B&C and 419 SCI. We are awaiting official scores on our extremely successful trophy Woodland Caribou from this fall. It looks as unofficially, James Johnson of MT harvested the largest; approx. a 350 B&C net score. Hopefully we will have full details in the next few months.


At Steell Lake we provide three aluminum boats and one scanoe with outboard motors for use to travel a 13 mile water system. Also, we have an Argo ATV to access our large water system. The western region of this system boasts the best caribou terrain in Newfoundland (i.e.: being their breeding and calving range). With miles of white caribou moss covering the rolling terrain and frequent shrubby Junipers, Caribou find this terrain to be prime habitat. These caribou hunts can be tailored to your needs. You may choose for a 1:1 hunt, (a personal guide) or a 2:1 hunt (2 hunters per one guide).


At our Caribou camps we take a maximum of 4 hunters per week. The lodge has all the comforts of home; hot and cold running water with showers, generated electricity and propane refrigeration, as well as a mobile radio telephone system.




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