Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunting operates lodges in Western and Central Newfoundland. I, Bob Efford, as owner/operator, brings along 14 years experience in the industry and 19 years of commercial bush flying experience.


Being an active bush pilot and our own commercially operated floatplanes has given me hands-on opportunity to make good analysis of game populations at our hunting locations. Success rates of Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunting for the last 3 years was 100%. 


Our hunters have received the # 1 and # 3 awards at the 26th B&C awards. The # 1 scored a whopping 418 SCI and 389 B&C. Also our client also did take the #1 award at this years B&C awards.   


The fly-out site of Rainy Lake (an out-camp from Sam's pond Lodge) provides some of the best moose hunting country in Newfoundland with a high density of moose in this particular location.


Usually, black bear hunting during the fall is done in combination with either moose or caribou or all three species. This walk and stalk hunt for black bear usually does not yield high success rates but there is always a chance to stumble on one. Last season we had five bear kills out of twelve even though there were a lot for bear signs. Baited stands are provided on request during fall hunting.